Sucktitude Galore!


If Josh Johnson had Carlos Zambrano’s temper, he’d have mercilessly beaten Steve Cishek, Randy Choate, Mike Dunn and Edward Mujica to death with a bat after last night’s pathetic bullpen performance. The first three relievers combined to walk three consecutive batters -including one with the bases loaded and two outs-, allowing the Mets to tie the game at 1, wasting an RBI double by Gaby Sánchez after a great pitching duel and leaving the Marlins’ ace without a chance to get his first win of the season. And our flamboyant set-up man allowed the go-ahead single to Lucas Duda after the ball hit him in his pitching hand, tilting what was a very close game in favor of New York.

However, there’s another character to blame in what constitutes 3rd straight defeat. Ozzie Guillén certainly can’t escape from his quota of responsibility:

You simply can’t take your best pitcher out after he has allowed just three hits and a walk, while punching out nine batters. But no, you also had to crush our hopes and ruin a birthday in the process…

Way to suck, Marlins. Way to suck. You’ve set a new standard in sucktitude. Now excuse me while I go jump from my building’s 8th floor.

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