Greek Tragedy in Milwaukee


The end of our season? Most probably. Photo: Morry Gash/AP (via Yahoo! Sports).

Giancarlo Stanton hit in the face by a Mike Fiers pitch and taken out of the field in a stretcher; likely done for the season.

A bench-clearing brawl. Mike Redmond and Casey McGehee are ejected, only cementing their places in our perpetual memories. Anthony DeSclafani is also tossed after hitting Carlos Gómez a while later.

The umpires, for the umpteenth time in recent memory, end up ruining everything.

My tweep Marques McCoy summarized our current state in less than 140 characters.

You know, I’d like to see the proverbial Deus ex Machina rule in our favor for a change instead of throwing us to the wolves every single time.

We Got Robbed


Couldn’t agree more with you, Mike Redmond. I tip my cap to you.

Here’s the video of the play, in case you want to see for yourself what the hell happened.

Are you happy, Buster Posey?

Are you happy, Joe Torre?

Are you happy, MLB management?

We’re most certainly not, because the game we know and love is being killed right in front of our eyes. And it’s all your goddamn fault!!

State of the Marlins – After the 6th Circle


The morale in Marlins Country is at a season-high. Photo: Miami Marlins’ Instagram Account.

My second blogging break is over, ladies and gentlemen, and I’m back to blog about the Marlins until the end of the season. We’ve left behind six stations along the way: Limbo, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Anger and Heresy. Continuar leyendo

Furia #2: Adiós, Racha Histórica


Todo empezó bien, pero terminó de la peor forma para Miami. Foto: Marcio José Sánchez/AP (vía Yahoo! Sports).

De nada valió el primer cuadrangular de Ed Lucas en las Mayores, ni la primera expulsión de Mike Redmond, ni el primer hit de por vida de Jacob Turner. El desgraciado de Ryan Webb lo echó todo a la basura, rompiendo nuestra racha de victorias consecutivas en San Francisco y dándonos nuestra caída número 50 de la temporada.

Por hoy no escribo más. No vale la pena.